About gfn X

gfn X is an Arab American Interdisciplinary Environmental Artist currently living and working in San Francisco. She's commonly known for having radical opinions and challenging authority, which launched her into developing her own unique style.

From growing up in the Bay Area as a first-generation American, through navigating the betrayals of society - gfn X has branded herself with themes of individual freedom in abstraction. She considers the intersection of cultural identity, human rights, and environmentalism in her work. 

gfn X studied Digital and Film Photography at Napa Valley College and later on transferred to the University of San Francisco where she completed a BA in Psychology while volunteering at a suicide hotline and working at a Bay Area local coffee shop. She quickly learned that her interests in both the worlds of Art and Psychology would assist her to dive deeper into understanding the human mind and behavior, thus furthering her innate need for creating. 

For her current work, she uses found objects, recycled canvases, sketches, scanned family photographs, acrylic mediums and a range of digital media. She is working to spread the message that we can reuse and create works while being less wasteful! Her method encourages all to directly support QTPOC, artisans, musicians, communities of small and local business owners - rather than large corporations which lack uniqueness and do not directly support creatives nor fund and nourish local communities.

"gfn Xis collaborative, a narrative, an alias, a collection, the project...