Neoteric Renaissance

Neoteric Renaissance is a commentary on civilizations, empires, and ultimately colonization. Neoteric - meaning a new idea or invention and Renaissance, the time period of European cultural rebirth. What originally created the Renaissance era was the emergence of cultures.


Neoteric Renaissance is quite simply, the emergence of decolonization and individual liberation represented through the current and existing molds of the art world. Existing structures of these civilizations that once ruled over the span of centuries should strike all with the harsh reality of what once was, and still is.


As an adolescent, having the privilege to travel around the world - when I would see these structures and columns, I could not help but imagine how life was lived in the age of the Romans, or the Greeks and far far before that. I wondered how citizens were treated, what they did on a day-to-day and the suffering that was endured during the expansion of these civilizations. How many people suffered over the creation of these iconic structures? How many thousands of people have been to these marks in the land? That's a lot of a child to conceptualize, but I did. I always saw the world that way.


The experience of Neoteric Renaissance is to break the threshold of those systems once in place. See the structures, metallics, beams of neon, and hyper-edited specks of light, what really emerges from these images is what you make of it. See it as what you think it is. What are the messages you receive and evoked when viewing these digital collages and abstract paintings? Are you angry, confused, do your eyes have a hard time concentrating? Are you curious?


gfn X Neoteric Renaissance

"She said that made her feel real"
Digital collage
Location: Athens, Greece
Legion of Color
Digital Collage
Location: San Francisco, CA
Let's Melt 
Digital Collage
Location: Agrigento, Italy (Valley of the Temples)
Moving Too Fast
Digital Collage
Valleheaux 2
Scanned ink sketch over hyper-edited digital photograph
Location: Vallejo, CA
Where You Are
Hyper-edited Digital Photograph
Location: Unknown, Italy
Neon Dreams
Digital Collage
Location: Pantheon, Italy 
Hyper-edited Digital Photograph
Location: Internet Archive, San Francisco