Custom work is created from up-cycled pieces, adding a unique upgrade to each find. Let me create something for you or you can purchase items similar to the ones showcased.

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My heart is so full and warm now that I am able to create freely and you all appreciate and receive my work. No matter what medium I work in or project I am  exploring I receive so much positive feedback on everything. It's amazing to know how supported I am in my career. I am grateful for everything I have been able to accomplish and the support and generosity you all provide me with has been helpful.
I am feeling so warm and grateful for the amount of love and supportI received from posting and creating this series. I am happy to be able to provide calmness and peace with this series.i am so grateful and a warm, my heart is open and I am receiving all the praise and support for this series.i am  creating art that heals and that is always well received.

Arz Jaj Photo Series

I am receivin