Collection: Electra Series

The inspiration for this collection comes from the beauty of nature. It’s in appreciation of the clouds, the ocean, the land, rivers and the immaculate imperfections that arrive from nature.

In combination with the use of black and white, I create varying shapes with clouds of neon colors, along with accents of black and white. Get lost as you reach deep within the shapes, lines, textures of the shapes and lines created. 

Clouds remind me everyday that we will never see them the same way, ever again. There's something so special about knowing that the moment you take them in, will never be replicated.

Nature shows us the beauty of uniqueness and change. We should never feel stuck knowing we live alongside the shifting clouds, rivers and oceans. We are evolving, shifting and experiencing. Growing.

Bright, unapologetic colors wishful for your attention blend within forms of paint galaxies. These works ask the viewers to step into a world of possibility, mystery, magic and atmosphere and to be transported through color, shapes, and dimension.


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